Interventions and Inventories

a. Quick-scans

On locations with drug- and alcohol related  public nuisances the City Council can (usually through the municipal health service GGD) give an order to Veldwerk Amsterdam to make an inventory by means of a quick–scan. Frontline-workers go out with a short interview form to collect personal details of the target group and their possible needs. (if necessary immediate action is taken). There are also talks with the local police, local government, area security, shopkeepers and citizens. By means of an observation report an impression is given of the location.
The collection of information takes around two weeks and the processing of the data and the writing takes another week.

b. Intervening and mediating

The intervention is aimed at reduction of public nuisances. Frontline workers are employed to lead the target group towards the healthcare services and to confront them with their behaviour.
Frontline workers can also be approached by local police, shopkeepers, citizens or local care institutions. Or sometimes the other way around. Together we try to find ways to reduce the public nuisances.