Mission and Method

Veldwerk Amsterdam is aimed at the OGGZ target-group, and more specifically, the part that spends its time in the public domain. Their presence and behaviour regularly causes feelings of uneasiness. In order to do something about it, the City of Amsterdam follows a two track policy. On one hand an approach by the health care services on the other hand an approach by the police.

The target-group is approached and given an offer. If there is a positive reaction we immediately take steps. But we also encounter people that don’t want to use the healthcare service. Possibly because they think they can manage without, or have negative experiences, or because they are not able to free themselves from the street-life. For us it is then a case of repeating our offer at another time. Sometimes it is a matter of dealing with their suspicion of the authorities. Anyhow, we will always give our business-card and ask them to call us.

If possible the work is done within the work-rosters. The emphasis is on day shift because during the day all the relevant institutions are open. Evening, night and weekend shifts are used to make observations and to act as a guideline for the work of the next day. Depending on special situations, like growing public nuisances or the opening of the wintershelters, the rosters are adjusted. During the day all the frontline-workers work alone, to enable us to have a maximum effect.

The frontline-workers are signed on for the “Amber Alert”.